About Us

Running alongside my ‘day job’ as an Executive Coach and Leadership Expert (I have a background in Behavioural Psychology) I started Clive’s Candles to provide a change in career direction – albeit part time. Well this ‘part time’ business has now become my fulltime job!! I started out by making just one small, smelly candle and following requests from friends and family to create more candles the business was born in 2014.

It really is a family business with wife Sue and my two sons Thomas and Charlie, other family members and friends all helping to contribute ‘candle ideas’ and pack individual candles into their presentation bags (The 'Candle In A Glass' Collection) – great family fun!  Sunday mornings are usually spent scouring car boots, flea markets etc. to source containers for The Eclectic Collection and it is this sourcing that makes this collection very unique and individual.

I am really proud of my ‘handmade in UK’ badge and try to source UK products wherever I can.

So Clive’s Candles has grown from one small, smelly candle to what you see here: And of course…… Thanks for visiting my online shop and if you've bought a candle from here or from a Country/County show we exhibit at, then I hope you enjoy them!