Ignite Your Craftsmanship: Discover the Art of Candle Making

Ignite Your Craftsmanship: Discover the Art of Candle Making

In today's mad, supercharged world, the art of candle-making offers a serene escape. Candle-making allows individuals to tap into their creative reservoirs while crafting something both beautiful and functional. The bespoke Candle Making Workshop at Clive's Candles in stunning Staunton Harold near Ashby de la Zouch is at the heart of this resurgence in traditional crafts. 

Spearheaded by the esteemed Clive, a maestro in the world of chandlery (candle making), this workshop promises a delightful foray into the craft. It is perfect for those looking to refine their skills, embark on a new hobby, or create memorable gifts that impress.

An Intimate Learning Experience


Held in a meticulously arranged studio, the workshop accommodates up to four participants per session, ensuring an intimate and highly personalised learning environment. Spanning approximately 2-3 hours, these sessions are crafted to immerse participants fully in the chandlery art form. The small class sizes are a deliberate choice, allowing Clive to provide undivided attention, comprehensive tuition, and expert advice to each participant, thereby fostering an atmosphere where creativity flourishes.

What You Will Learn About Candle Making


Understanding Wax Varieties: Participants will begin their journey with a comprehensive exploration of the various types of wax used in candle making, such as paraffin, soy, beeswax, and more. This segment provides insights into the properties of each wax type, including melting points, scent throw capabilities, and environmental impact, enabling attendees to make informed decisions about the materials they choose for their creations.

Essential Materials: This module demystifies the array of tools and materials necessary for candle making. Attendees will learn about the essential equipment, including melting pots, thermometers, moulds, and pouring pitchers. Understanding the role and proper use of each tool ensures that participants are well-prepared to embark on their candle-making projects with confidence.

Colouring Techniques: Adding colour to candles enhances their aesthetic appeal and personalisation. In this section, participants will discover the different methods of incorporating colours into candles using dyes and pigments. The workshop covers techniques for achieving consistent colours, creating gradients, and experimenting with patterns, allowing for endless possibilities in candle design.

Scenting Mastery: Scent is a crucial element of candle making, transforming the ambience of any space. This part of the workshop focuses on the art of selecting and blending fragrances to achieve desired scents. Participants will learn about the notes in perfumery (top, middle, and base), the importance of scent load, and how to create balanced, long-lasting aromas that elevate the candle experience.

Wick Preparation: The wick is the heart of the candle, dictating its burning behaviour. This segment educates attendees on the different types of wicks, how to choose the correct wick size for a specific candle, and the importance of wick priming. Proper wick selection and preparation are key to ensuring a clean, even burn and maximising the candle's lifespan.

Recycling Wax: Emphasising sustainability, this module introduces the concept of recycling 'old wax' to create new candles. Participants will learn practical techniques for collecting and purifying used wax, blending it with new materials, and repurposing it into fresh creations, thereby reducing waste and promoting environmental consciousness.

Candle Burning: Understanding the correct way to burn candles is essential for safety and efficiency. This portion of the workshop covers best practices for burning candles, including trimming wicks, avoiding tunnelling, and maximising burn time. These tips ensure that participants can enjoy their candles to the fullest while adhering to safety guidelines.

Health and Safety: The workshop concludes with a critical overview of health and safety practices in candle making. Topics include proper ventilation, safe handling of hot materials, and guidelines for storing and using flammable substances. This knowledge is vital for ensuring a safe and enjoyable candle-making experience, both in the workshop and at home.

Take Home Your Creation

At the workshop's conclusion, participants will not only take with their newfound skills and knowledge but also a beautifully scented, coloured candle housed in an elegant china tea cup and saucer. This tangible takeaway serves as a testament to the participant's craftsmanship and the enriching experience of the workshop.

Affordable Creativity

Priced at a mere £40 per person, the workshop includes all necessary materials, personal tuition, and even light refreshments, making it an accessible and enriching experience for all. Furthermore, the workshop offers bespoke options tailored to creating wedding and party favours, adding a unique and personal touch to any celebration.

By the end of the Candle-Making Workshop, participants will possess a well-rounded understanding of the candle-making process and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue their candle-making journey at home. This comprehensive curriculum not only fosters a deeper appreciation for the craft but also empowers attendees to create bespoke candles that reflect their personal style and creativity.

Expand Your Horizons


The transition from learning the basics of candle and fragrance product creation in a workshop setting to making these items independently marks a significant step in any craft enthusiast's journey. Understanding the distinct characteristics of handmade candles, candles in a tin, reed diffusers, wax melts, and refill reed diffuser oil is crucial. Here, we discuss these differences and outline steps for individuals to commence their crafting journey at home.

Handmade Candles vs. Candles in a Tin


  • Differences: Handmade candles can take various forms, including pillar candles and container candles made from glass or ceramic. Candles in a tin specifically refer to those crafted within metal containers. The primary difference lies in the portability and durability of tins, which make them ideal for travel and less prone to breakage compared to their glass or ceramic counterparts.
  • Making Your Own: To start making either at home, gather essential supplies including wax, wicks, essential oils, and the chosen containers—be it tins for their practicality or more decorative vessels for handmade candles. Experimenting with different waxes and scents can lead to unique creations that are suitable for various occasions.

Reed Diffusers vs. Wax Melts


  • Differences: Reed diffusers offer a flame-free method to scent a room, using reeds to wick and disperse fragrance oil into the air. Wax melts require heat from a wax warmer to melt the scented wax and release the fragrance. The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference regarding the intensity of fragrance and the presence of an open flame or electrical device.
  • Making Your Own: For reed diffusers, one can start by selecting a suitable vessel and fragrance oil blend, then adding reed sticks that will absorb and diffuse the scent. For wax melts, one begins by melting wax, adding fragrance, and pouring the mixture into moulds. Both methods allow for the customisation of scents and are excellent starting points for those looking to create a signature home fragrance.

Refill Reed Diffuser Oil


  • Making Your Own: Crafting refill oil for reed diffusers involves blending a base oil with a chosen fragrance or essential oils. The base oil should be light and non-drying, such as fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil, to effectively carry the fragrance through the reeds. This not only offers a sustainable option for maintaining your reed diffuser but also allows for endless customisation in creating unique scent profiles.

In summary


The Candle-Making Workshop offers a rare opportunity to step back from the bustle of modern life, engage in a hands-on craft, and create something both beautiful and practical. Whether you're seeking to impress, learn, or simply enjoy the process, this workshop promises an enriching experience that lights up not just candles but also the joy of creation within you. Contact us today to book your place.