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Christmas Reed Diffusers

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With the popularity of our fragrances, many customers have asked for a different way to enjoy them and so, we created a range of reed diffusers.

Our reed diffusers are simple, effective and are for rooms or areas where a candle cannot be used. Perhaps you have children or pets in the home – maybe you’d like our fragrance in your caravan or boat? Perhaps you’d like a welcoming fragrance for a waiting room or a hotel room?

Lasting approximately 12 - 14 weeks, our Reed Diffusers offer a perfect solution to all of these – and more – using the latest technology in reeds. Our reeds are 3.5mm thick and don’t need turning (like natural reeds do). The material has been tested and provides a much better result than natural reeds – because they do not clog!

In fact, all you need to do is remove the stopper, splay the 10 reeds and you’ll soon be surrounded by your favourite scent!

There are a limited range of fragrances as some of our fragrances work better than others in a reed diffuser – so we’ve spent lots of time researching them, testing them and making sure that you’ll get the best.

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