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Forgotten Fragrances

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Trying to keep my ’Candles In A Tin’ and ‘Candles In A Glass’ collections fresh and exciting inevitably means that some fragrances, like everything else, have a beginning and an end. However, if you discover that one of your favourite fragrances is confined to this page then all is not lost!

As I hand make every candle then I can resurrect a ‘Forgotten Fragrance’ just for you. Any candle listed here can be remade as a ‘Candle In A Tin’ with a minimum order of 2 tins. The fragrance and colour will be just as before with the only difference being the labelling. As these are no longer ‘stock lines’ then your ‘Forgotten Fragrance’ candles will have different labelling to my standard ones.

Minimum Order: 2 Candles of same fragrance