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Massage Candles

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Citrus Burst Massage Oil Candle
£23.33 ex. VAT
Cool Encounter Massage Oil Candle
£23.33 ex. VAT
Tranquil Dream Massage Oil Candle
£23.33 ex. VAT
Luxury Massage Oil Candle

Clive’s Candles luxury massage oil candles are really effective yet simple to use. My Luxury Massage Oil Candle base is rich in ingredients providing moistening benefits to your skin. The special formulation includes using the most superior ingredients of natural soya vegetable wax, cocoa butter, shea butter and the finest carefully mixed 100% Essential Oil blends. Light this subtly scented luxury candle to produce your massage oil. 
Melting at low temperature, the oil can be applied only a few minutes after lighting to nourish, soften and hydrate, while the beautiful natural fragrance engages the senses and leaves your skin beautifully soft and scented.
 Each luxury massage oil candle comes in its' own black unique packaging and cellophane wrapped to reflect the quality within and the copper coloured lid ensures your candle remains dust and debris free.