Remembering Your Pet

I understand how much your pet means to you – after a very short period of time, they become one of the family; valued, treasured and treated just the same too. I also appreciate how heart-breaking it can be to lose such an important part of your life.

We’ve designed and created a range of handmade solid oak caskets, complete with a beautiful handmade personalised memorial pillar candle sitting proudly on top. They’re a lovely way to remember your pet by – choose from a range of thoughtful verses to be printed onto the candle, along with a photograph of your pet. You can choose from one of seven verse options (5 of which can include a photograph) and four border options to personalise your choice.

We can also offer a sarcophagus casket – simply provide us with the ashes and we will seal them into the oak casket safely, securely and respectfully.

The solid oak caskets are handmade and include mitred joints with felt cushion pads on the underside. They are wax finished (not oiled) so occasionally polish them with a proprietary beeswax polish. The handmade personalised memorial/remembrance candle stands approximately 15cms (6”) high and is 7.5cms (3”) in diameter.

You also have the option of a 2 candle casket enabling you to light a handmade smaller candle (votive sized) on anniversaries or birthdays and give yourself time to think about the special times you shared.

Available in 2 sizes, small for small – medium sized pets and large for bigger pets. We can also make an extra-large casket and candle for horse etc. Please contact us if you wish to order an extra-large casket.

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